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Welcome to Storage Hunter, the app that helps make your life easier. Don’t waste your time hunting for things in your storage unit. In fact, don’t waste time looking for things in any space you store things, be it your garage, attic, loft, basement, shed or self storage unit. 

Storage Hunter allows you to add your storage spaces to the app and create an itinerary of your possessions, including taking pictures of, and pinning the location of the items in your spaces. Easily search and find what you’re looking for, before you’ve pulled the entire contents out. 

New features to come include; helping you insure your contents cheaply, accurately and fast. Helping you find new spaces to store your possessions and helping you move those things. 

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“A fantastic start to my storage hunter app experience… i can now organise my garage and keanos storage unit. love it and can see so much potential.”
Will Hayward

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